Reviews: Screwdriver - A Short Film

A few week's ago we were asked to review Screwdriver, a short political satire about bans in India.

Currently, India is under a repressive democracy that threatens people's livelihood and freedom. Whenever something is noted as dangerous or a possible threat, the debate is immediately killed, forcing a ban on the strangest of everyday household devices, foods, and other goods. Instead of discussing the worth of whatever might be in question, the government chooses to not debate or discuss for fear of controversy. Instead, tons of everyday goods are banned for fear of harm. It's quickly taking over their country and changing the landscape of a place that's known for its diversity. 

As a first, we were requested to review a thirteen minute foreign language comedy with subtitles that pokes humor at these bans in Indian culture. The movie is a humorous little bit fun that features sever natural comedic talents enjoying a goofy discussion that probably has more relevance to their long running history than I can possibly imagine. As the main characters discuss the strange bans that fill their lives with strange and inept governmental underpinnings, it's actually a mirrored take on some of the things that happen daily in the United States. Although our government may not be as repressive, it's easy to see how quickly things could change. 

Their short video features a comedic narrative that presents a ban on screwdrivers due to numerous people being killed with the inanimate object. Instead of placing blame on the people that commit the heinous crimes with the handy little tool, the government of India wants to fully ban the use of the item. In a silly context, Screwdriver features intercut scenes of national news, the accidental effects of the ban, and the everyday occurrences that hamper life as people apply for licensing to own this basic hand tool.

I'm not going to lie. This is just a basic situational comedy video that won't really hit home with people outside the community that experiences the ham fisted attempt to ban the most simplistic of items. But, for people from India, Screwdriver will probably be a great satirical short film that touches on subjects they experience first hand. I just hope this movie doesn't cause a ban on comedy, Youtube, or acting.