Soundtracks On Vinyl: Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice

Our influx of BvS content continues with a review of the stunning vinyl release that came out last week. 

Perhaps one of the best scores of 2016, this Dawn of Justice musical release is a thunderous must listen collection of Zimmer and Junkie XL's talents. 

As if the Batman v Superman banter hasn't been enough to kill us all already, the 3 disc vinyl set was just released in a phenomenal package that will impress all collectors of the format. On this five sided, triple album set, listeners are treated to a heart thumping score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. The sixth unlistenable side is an etched piece of art presenting the rival superheroes in a really cool black and white flat image. Armed to the gills with a tri-fold cover, colorful pictures, and a literal Kryptonian ton of music, this set is a collector's dream. As an avid hunter of soundtracks, this is hands down one of the best looking sets I own. 

Just like in the movie, this score sets up a chest bumping amount of bass as Zimmer and Junkie XL offer up an almost eclectic sounding collection of music sure to set your ears ablaze. With a pitch perfect mastering job and an across the board musical feeling of dark heroics, this soundtrack is one of the best of 2016, so far. Listening to all three albums back to back, listeners will be sucked back into the massive environments and epic battles of the film. Themes are continuous throughout, as callbacks to earlier sounds are made and connections between scenes are dotted with visionary qualities reminiscent of a time when scores were just as important as characters and story. Zimmer always does good work. Paired with Junkie XL, they turn out a symphonic melting pot of orchestral beats, angelic tones, percussive rudiments, and hardcore musical action thematics that never let up. 

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Adding to the already unbelievable amount of content, the Dawn of Justice vinyl set includes a printed one sheet conversation/interview with Hans and Junkie which explains their partnership on the score. Also included are a digital download code and a full sized color BvS movie poster. To repeat myself, this really is a collector's fantasy come true. For only 40 bucks or possibly less, you get the experience of the music, all the added goodies, and the bad ass cover art. Even if you weren't a huge fan of the film, this is a must own piece of musical art that plays directly into the hands of addictive completists like myself. 

If you've got the added cash to spend, this is a definite must have for vinyl collectors. Honestly, there isn't one bad thing to say about the music or the ultimate packaging this thing comes in. I couldn't wait for its release and I'm extremely happy I have this sitting among other great masterpieces like 2001 and Star Wars. 

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