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Horror comes in many forms. This time it's in the shape of Bunni

The only thing redeeming about Daniel Benedict's Bunni is that it clocks in at a mercifully short seventy minutes.  I found myself begging for it to end about ten minutes in and clawed my eyes out for the other sixty while still trying to give it a real chance. I want to say though that I liked the idea!  Bunni had the potential to be a real nail biting, raw slasher with a convincing anti-hero, if it was done correctly.  But, I think a rough two-thousand dollar budget could make it very hard to yield what Mr. Benedict's real vision could have been.

Huh? I'm acting in what?

The only real convincing performance in Bunni was executed by Mercedez Varble playing the lead role of Paige.  It was a wise casting choice on the part of Mr. Benedict to put her out front as she clearly has the most chops compared to the rest of the cast.  All of the other acting in this film is frankly cringe worthy.  I found myself cracking up at most of the lines that the character Ashley (played by Sara Ammons) clumsily delivered throughout Bunni.  I mean, it came to the point that I actually was beginning to think that maybe there was something wrong with me.  “Has old man Scott just lost his marbles and cannot coherently understand a film anymore?”, was what I was asking about halfway through Bunni.  I mean, I like campy as much as the next person, but if there was something else trying to be done here, it just flew right over my head.

I really tried to find something I loved about Bunni, I really did.  But, even the “twists” this movie had, I saw coming from a mile away.  OK, I will say, I was a little thrown by the ending, but, I did not find myself saying “Whoa, that was clever”, but more like “Why the hell did they do that?  That added no value.”  However, that is just an opinion, as is the rest of this review. I am sure there are a lot of people who will be in love with Bunni.  It is a rather bloody film and if anything, the violence in the film looks pretty damn good.  However, a stronger, more cohesive plot could have complimented that and made Bunni a much more interesting film for me.

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-Scott L. Lambert