New To Blu: Dangerous Men

Female vengeance takes form in the long gestating Dangerous Men.

My gun is DANGEROUS!
After years of budgetary woes and production issues, Drafthouse releases the god awful Dangerous Men on blu-ray. On the heels of Death Wish and I Spit on Your Grave, this take on woman on man justice is a nearly unwatchable mess that will entertain at drinking parties for years to come. 

Director John S. Rad's sleazy Dangerous Men finally sees the light of day in this Drafthouse blu-ray release. Starting production in the '70s and '80s with filming/editing completing some time in the '90s, this is an unbelievably bad motion picture. Upon its initial theatrical run, this epically terrible non-movie only earned $70 as the filmmaker incurred tens of thousands of dollars in debt while renting theaters to show his bastardous film. Dangerous Men only sold 7-8 tickets in its small theatrical run. It wasn't until it became a small time cult hit that the movie finally gained a following. This week, Drafthouse put out this play on the rape based grindhouse films of the era in a cool little multi-format package.

Owww my balls!
From the same school as the original Samurai Cop or Miami Connection, this feature is from the mindset of 'so bad it's good'. With an incoherent editing style, horrendous acting, terrible voice over work that doesn't even line up, and a totally rad '80s schtick, Dangerous Men is a pointless endeavor that can't decide between being a corny comedy and an anti-male murder rampage. Part drama and part cornball female empowerment saga, the only dangerous things here are the script and the wooden performances. This thing makes The Room look like The Godfather. If it weren't for all the boobs, the violent stabbings, gun killings, and the repetitive synth snare sounds throughout the entire length of the film, all would be lost. 

Never in my years of reviewing movies have I seen such an incoherent mess. From characters disappearing and others appearing out of nowhere, there is nothing functional about Dangerous Men. Starting out with a biker beach murder and some weird rapey discomfort, this is like a movie made by a preschooler. Nothing in Dangerous Men makes any sense. There aren't any real characters. There is no real storyline. And there is no reason to watch this thing unless you're either super stoned or extremely drunk with your friends. 

So get some drugs and some drinks. Party time. For an older release with no budget whatsoever, the blu-ray actually looks pretty fair. If you're a collector of these types of flicks, you'll undoubtedly want it in your collection. Despite how absurd it actually is, it's at least mildly watchable. 

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