TV News: Dexter/Criminal Minds Crossover Happening

Dexter to do a battle of wits with the Criminal Minds. 

Has Dexter finally met his match, or will the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit meet their worst nightmare?

Dexter fans rejoice!!! Michael C. Hall has agreed to reprise his role as everyone’s favorite morality killer for a 6 episode crossover mini-series with CBS’s FBI behavioral profile series Criminal Minds. While both networks have been entertaining the idea of a crossover special for over a year, talks turned serious after the success of the recent X-Files revival on Fox. 

Showtime executive Christopher Barnes met with CBS executives in February to officially pitch the idea. Dexter series author Jeff Lindsay and CBS screenwriter Dana Kisner have each signed on to write the 6 episode mini-series. The series will bounce between networks, with each getting 3 episodes. No word yet on which network will get the premiere or the finale. Criminal Minds favorite Paget Brewster has also agreed to reprise her role as agent Emily Prentiss for the crossover series. Filming is set to begin in Homer, Alaska this summer. Showtime’s Blake Jordan has signed on to direct. The series will premiere sometime in 2017. 

-Lee L. Lind says April Fool's is fun. 

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