Rock Docs: We Are Twisted F***ing Sister

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It's true. Disco sucks. 
There is a big difference between 'like' and 'love' when it comes to documentaries on rock bands.

Really, if you think about it, a documentary on a rock band is a real easy project to take on from a technical standpoint and you have a built in audience right out of the gate.  Just tell the story.  I understand that there will always be controversy with documentaries of this sort, but just tell the story the best you can with as much detail as you can.  The controversy is what makes it even more interesting to the super fan that is already watching it.

I will say first and foremost that We Are Fucking Twisted Sister! kept a smile on my face for the entirety of its ambitious 135 minute running time.  Above anything I am about to say, I am a fan and will always be a fan of the mighty Twisted Sister, a band who didn't write songs, but more so wrote anthems that echoed my angst and frustrated social awkwardness growing up.  So, I never went into this viewing with the expectation of not walking away having learned something new about one of my favorite bands.  The interviews are great, the archive footage is fantastic to view in all of its grainy, distorted glory, and you will find yourself unshelving your old spiked wristbands to pump your fists along with We Are Fucking Twisted Sister!

We Are Fucking Twisted Sister! really drives home the struggle that a band that on the outside seemed to have it all really had.  This is not a new story in these circles, it is all about appearances if you wanna Rock n' Roll, but Twisted Sister was never gonna take it and soldiered onto the short lived super stardom that we know and love them for to this day.

Gee, look 'ma!!! Five hot hookers!
I had a ball watching We Are Fucking Twisted Sister! for the gooiest of nostalgic reasons that I have no shame for.  I sat laughing and cheering them on as the documentary progressed with anticipation of each minute going by, and then, it just ended.  Not ended like “YOU MOTHERFUCKERS ROCK LIKE MANIACS, BUT SORRY, THIS IS THE LAST SONG AND WE GOTTA GO!  WE LOVE YOU!!”, but more the equivalent of having someone kick your hamstring in mid-stride.  You might stop your stroll, and you may even fall, but you ALWAYS wonder what the fuck happened?  That is how I felt about how We Are Fucking Twisted Sister! ended.  With all the grandness the documentary displayed, it ended leaving me with a lot more questions unanswered.  Perhaps a sequel is in the works?  We Are Fucking Twisted Sister Again!?  This bit was very frustrating for me, but still a great watch any die hard S.M.F..

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-Scott W. Lambert