Horror News: The Omen Prequel Coming To Theaters

Why? Because everything needs a prequel.

After a string of sequels, the original Omen series died with a small whimper only to be brought back to life once again in a nearly shot for shot remake with a great cast in 2006. As one of the better devilish screen treatments, the original is still held in high regards by horror fans as a movie that's just as scary as The Exorcist. Over the decades, this franchise has been touched on numerous other times with television movies and other lesser known entries in the story of Damien. 

Well, the well must not be dry quite yet because they're going back for another bucket full of hellspawn. While the Damien televised sequel series is still airing on A&E, there is now a prequel in the works, so creatively titled The First Omen. It is said to be a direct beginning tale connected to the movies. Whether or not this might somehow tie into the show remains to be seen. 

Either way, too many prequels. Do we really need an explanation on the creation of the devil. Probably not. 

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