News: Puppet Master Rebooting

The infamous Full Moon Puppet Master saga is starting over from scratch. 

In a bold move, Full Moon is partnering with numerous other companies to reboot and release a new version of Puppet Master. Di Bonaventura, Caliber Media, S. Craig Zahler and Mr. Charles Band are teaming for an entirely new universe that will kick start the cult hit Puppet Master series all over again. The original films are actually the most financially successful direct to video films of all time. With this latest venture, they hope to recreate the stunning horrific vision that started decades ago while giving fans a whole new take on the series.  

Caliber media is excited to bring back the distinct comedic flair of the original films as well as the practical effects that always made them such a joy to watch. Apparently, they'll be working with a higher budget this time around and plan on aiming this at old fans as well as bringing in a whole new audience. 

The film is currently titled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and will follow a divorced man that discovers a Blade doll. 

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