News: Star Trek 4 Is A Go

With Beyond right around the corner, Paramount is already prepping number four. 

Despite the fan outcry over the even more action-centric looking Star Trek: Beyond, Paramount remains resilient that the film will be a hit. With Justin Lin taking over the helm of this third Trek, the die hard fan base is already worried that this will go in the complete opposite direction of what they had initially planned. After Abrams' last franchise entry, it was said that this would get back to the roots of what Star Trek was originally about: the exploration of space and other worlds. The trailers look the complete opposite, causing more speculation that this would be the nail in the coffin for the rebooted sci-fi tale.

Don't ever say failure. 

With Beyond coming during the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Paramount is unsure of who will take over after Lin. He's currently rumored to direct the new Space Jam sequel. Despite the negativity that surrounds this Chris Pine led series, the studio states that the fourth movie is all but a lock. If Beyond is a commercial failure, that could all change, but several cast members are already contracted to the next sequel. 

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