Soundtracks On Vinyl: The Witch

This week saw the soundtrack from The Witch released on 180g vinyl.

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The Witch on vinyl.
Robert Eggers dread inspiring horror film, The Witch was released to mixed reviews. Some loved the slow pace and non-formulaic delivery of the movie. Others despised the film's slow pacing and barely legible dialogue.

Yet, as with most horror films, the music played an important part in the 17th century New England tale. Much like the soundtrack/score to Under The Skin or It Follows, the musical themes and dynamic use of obscure instrumentation helps create a setting that rests on our own senses of melancholy. From front to back, Mark Korven's use of instrumentation and droning near silences makes for one of the better horror albums of the year.

After months of waiting, those eerie tones and sounds from The Witch can be experienced at home on an excellent looking silver/black starburst vinyl cut. Unfortunately for buyers of this latest soundtrack release, the record pressing quality far outweighs the boring art and packaging. Using a standard slip, this  package offers very little for buyers and comes in a barren looking black and white cover that's still worth the relatively inexpensive price but won't intrigue avid collectors of movie music. Instead of going for a grandiose gatefold or any special features, this release (other than the album itself) is rather bland. However, it does include a digital download code.

Blending old school folk music with accompanying string tracks and horrifying vocal lines, The Witch soundtrack is pure audio blackness served up for our listening pleasure. Sucking us right back into the terrifying old world environments of the film, the soundtrack starts off with What Went We, a shadowy strings piece, and then transitions into the ethereal and terrifying musical elements of Banished. Once the third track,  A Witch Stole Sam sets in, the album becomes a whole new beast. Weaving in and out of gloomy transitions and doom inspiring notes of fear, The Witch soundtrack will be a perfect accompaniment for Halloween 2016.

For packaging, this is a fail. However, musically this is a must own 180g vinyl release for fans of the genre. This Milan Records release is limited to only 1500 copies. So, get it while you can.