Five Sci-Fi Flicks That Deserve A Reboot

A short list of 5 science fiction films that might be good as a reboot or remake. 

Yeah, I know. Hollywood is straight up out of ideas. Maybe they should work harder on creating great new content for a dying breed of films. Well, some of these older science fiction flicks could definitely use an update that brings them into the world of modern genre flicks. Here I go, crapping all over your childhood. 

After David Lynch's strange '80s take on the novel, it's about time that someone does a proper rendition of Dune. Although there was a made for cable version of the movie some time ago, it seems par for the course that Dune get a remake using the advances we've seen in technology. If they'd consider blending practical effects with CGI, we might get the ultimate version of the Dune story put to screen. Considering the way Star Wars and Star Trek have become legacy type franchises, Dune could be on the same scale as either of those if they could find a good balance in storytelling and visuals. 

Lost in Space
Despite a fan outcry over the last filmed incarnation of Lost in Space being somewhat disappointing, the franchise may still have legs. With the massive popularity of films like The Martian and Interstellar, it might be high time that the studios take heed and give us a Lost in Space redo. With a story more focused on realistic science, more believable graphics, and a plot that doesn't step into the boundaries of a family soap opera, Lost in Space could once again be a viable property that could use the family dynamic to its full extent. Straying away from silly looking space creatures while sticking to the core story of an expedition gone awry under the stresses of familial struggle could be a vast improvement. And imagine Michael Fassbender playing Dr. Smith. Sounds good to me. 

Robinson Crusoe On Mars/ Enemy Mine
Robinson Crusoe On Mars is one of my all time favorite sci-fi flicks. As a film that inspired another one of my science fiction favs, Enemy Mine, this could be an absolutely killer remake or reboot. Continuing the themes of the original film and intermingling a current plot of acceptance and fear of the unknown could definitely serve a modern take on this motion picture. Although this story has been told numerous times over the years in various formats, Robinson Crusoe's adventurous tale of being marooned on Mars and making friends with a slave/alien is one for the ages. This film is one of the originators and could once again be told to a newer, younger audience. 

The Last Starfighter
Why not leave the '80s alone? Well, because video games have come a long way since the tale of The Last Starfighter. With our advancements in virtual reality and how our children are infused with an obsessive gaming culture, this film could either be done as a remake or a continuation in the same light as Tron Legacy. The original is now a sci-fi classic and definitely deserves more respect than it gets. Although it's loaded with cheese and the graphics don't hold up, it's still completely watchable. With a great director and a new spin on the story, The Last Starfighter could bear a solid re-telling or potential sequel. 

Flash Gordon
In an era of smart mouthed space adventurers and huge budgeted films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash would top my list for movies that need a reboot. There's been rumors for a while that we might still see a sequel to the '80s Flash Gordon movie but nothing has been happening with the property for more than a year. Reintroducing Flash to a new audience could kick off a whole new series of movies that would take us back to an era when good battled evil and Ming the Merciless was on par with Darth Vader as a bad guy. With a great male lead playing Flash, a quick lipped female as Dale Arden, and someone like Tom Hiddleston playing Ming, this franchise could be reinvigorated for a whole new generation of kids and their parents. 

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