New Release Horror - All Girls Weekend - Reviewed

It wasn't an All Girls Weekend for Raul Vantassle. 

After being put through around five low budget motion pictures involving women being perilously stuck in the woods and bad things happening to them, I have to say that this is by far the worst of the worst and that is not meant to be any sort of compliment. Five girls that were high school friends go on an all girls weekend and for some reason decide to go on a quick hiking trail. This leads to them being lost in the woods and discovering that an urban legend slash Evil Dead style curse exists in which the forest needs victims to feed on. Needless to say bad things happen.

Hopefully we can find a crack dealer out in these woods. 

Despite a previous review that I read, these are not fleshed out characters and this is not a solid cast. It was like watching the Kardashians or a Paris Hilton reality show where they all decide to go on a hiking trip. Three of them acted like valley girls or obnoxious high school bitches and then there was the apparent bad girl of the group, who was obviously going to play the part of the final girl in this one. None of it feels real, from their performances to the way that they were dressed. They went into a wintery forest with what appeared to be designer clothes and Uggs style footwear with very little supplies. There were only a few small sequences towards the end where the final two actresses gave a decent look or reaction to what was taking place.

Dudes. We've been walking for a while.
No crack anywhere. 
The plot set up of this urban curse took almost thirty plus minutes to eventually play out and by then we had been submitted to virtually no action, just a bunch of girls walking around in a forest. It was Lord of the Rings with just the walking. The threat is only present by wind and unrecognizable voices, with most of the kills taking place naturally or off screen. For horror fans, this is going to be huge disappointment as there is extremely minimal violence and gore which tends to be the main attraction for these types of low budget genre pictures. There was also some regrettable cgi and a shameful sequence where they tried to imply that a bear was chasing a girl using some crafty editing.

There were some interesting old rundown stone buildings in the forest and the exterior cinematography was more than adequate. An interesting note about the home interior scenes at the beginning, it was obviously someone from the crew’s home because it had posters hanging of all of the director’s movies including the one that this review is about.

Bottom line, I suggest that you strongly avoid this one and seek out a higher quality flick involving this type of theme such as Blue Ruin, where the characters are put through some true hell.

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-Raul VanTassle