Reviews: Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 8 - No One

Liam reviews the latest episode of Game of Thrones. 

As many of those of you who browse social media on Sunday nights know, season six of Game of Thrones (GOT) continues this week with the eighth episode of the season “No One “. “No One” reveals more information and returning characters that propel the story forward.  The end of the season is coming and it is all starting to connect for what I am sure will be a great finale.   The blood has begun to flow in one of the bloodiest and most engaging episodes of the season.  

Despite some flaws that might be budgetary, this week’s episode keeps up the winning streak that is this season.This week’s episode focuses on The Hound, Arya, Tyrion, Jamie, and Brienne of Tarth.  The Hound is on a warpath after the bloody events of last week’s episode. He has some of the best scenes in this episode. I wouldn’t be upset if the rest of the episode was just The Hound using his axe and taking names. Jaime is forced to deal with forces in the North that has plans to potentially hurt his family’s power. Cersei answers a request that has drastic consequences.  Tyrion’s plans cause some expected pushback from slave-owners who want their slaves back. Arya faces a new test that will impact her future.

no one
Calm down, dragon. Stop getting so upset! This season rules. 

As an episode, this week’s worked very well.  No One was a top tier episode. The gore and action of this week were incredible.  Cinematography wise, this had some of the best visuals of the season. The landscape shots in this episode are gorgeous. They look amazing. There is some great camera work this week. There is a chase involving Arya and the Waif at the end of the episode that is one of the best-shot sequences of the series so far. It is not only a well-shot sequence; it is also a well-edited sequence.  A lot of chase sequences these days suffer from shaky cam and not being able to visually understand where the characters are in the scene.  Thankfully, this sequence was not only easy to understand but it was thrilling as well. It is the highlight of the episode beside the scenes with The Hound.

That being said, this episode was not without it’s weaknesses. The widespread consequences of the episode seem to only inch the plot forward. It is an episode that is spinning the wheels because they have to give enough plot and story for the last two episodes. It is because of this that there are scenes that could have benefited from being fleshed out the creative team decided to cut away from potentially great action scenes.  I counted this happening at least twice and both of them involved characters that would have had a great impact on the viewer and would have helped the episode as a whole. Overall, I thought this episode was solid. The end scene raised the stakes for the show and I am excited to see where next week takes us. Let’s hope the Battle of The Bastards is the crazy and action packed episode that we have been waiting for.

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Liam S. O'Connor