Rose McGowan. Shut Up Already.

Rose McGowan sure has a lot to say. And so do I. 

He doesn't only hurt women. 
All X-Men are viable candidates. 
The celebrity social justice warrior campaign needs to find an end. From Paul Feig's Ghostbusters ranting to Judd Apatow calling fanboys 'Trump supporters' all the way to this Rose McGowan incident, it all needs to stop. Instead of incessantly nagging fans and insulting a comic book movie's marketing campaign, find something better to do. Go make a GOOD movie. Go hang out with Marilyn Manson for a while. Take an acting class. Read a book. But really, just shut up already. All of you. 

First off. Let's put one thing to rest. I'm not sexist. I'm quite the opposite. I one hundred percent support the strong portrayal of female characters in cinema. From the onset of my interest in movies, Alien's Ripley character has been one of my all time favorites followed by Princess Leia and countless others. Female heroes are a much needed part of modern cinema and are constantly making headway as the reason people see movies. With the popularity of The Hunger Games and the less popular Divergent series, feminine heroics rooted in strong physicality and unbridled will have taken center stage. And it's awesome. Mystique doesn't need falsely veiled protection by a never was. 

Yes, the billboard is meant to be shocking. It's meant to grab your attention. It calls for an emotional response. And yeah, he's choking Mystique. However, in my humble personal opinion, I don't think it's a rally against women or meant to show them in a negative or less empowered light. He's a villain. It's what he does. That could be any character from the X-Men. For some reason, I think Mystique is probably okay. I don't think she'll be seeking counseling for the abuse she suffered at the hands of a massive humanoid creature. She's a badass and she can protect herself. 

Because unrealistic expectations are great.
For Rose McGowan to come out railing against a marketing campaign which features the X-Men villain Apocalypse choking Mystique is really just a cry for attention. This barely talented, one-note actress hasn't been relevant in nearly a decade, if ever at all. The best thing that she has on her resume is a tv show called Charmed and the fortitude for being a celebrity hanger on. To question the way an X-Men movie is marketed is just another ploy by a failed actress to try and claw her way back to the top of washed up '90s tv/movie stars. It's not going to work. In fact, it's having the reverse effect. Yes, we're talking about her now. By next week, she'll be forgotten again. She's a one trick pony that's never found the stardom she craved. She rode the wave as an indie darling but crashed and burned as the former love interest of a goth rock icon that similarly struggles to keep his very own amount of relevance. 

Now, to get more to the point. The X-Men universe is filled with powerful female mutants and heroes. Some of the most famous characters are women. If anything, this franchise is about the empowerment of women and consistently pits female characters against male enemies. In many cases, characters like Storm, Mystique, Jean Grey, and Jubilee are just as powerful and would do harm to their male counterparts and/or enemies. Just because Apocalypse has his hands around her throat on a commercial banner doesn't mean she's any less strong or viable. McGowan is grasping at straws trying to find something that's nonexistent. 

Instead of making negative remarks about on screen violence which exists in a world of fiction, maybe you should think about how your constant cosmetic surgery reflects on young girls. Maybe you should try being a representative for natural aging instead of altering yourself beyond recognition. Changing your look to try and look younger is much more harmful than seeing a beautiful blue mutant choked on a billboard. Be a role model by presenting the reality of an aging woman. There are much greater things at play right now for pre-teens and teens than this image. They need strong female stars to look up to, ones that don't call foul on something like this or create melodrama out of nothing. 

Sadly, this is all about Rose. It has nothing to do with her fake cause. Mystique can protect herself. 

But who am I? Just some dude with a keyboard. The studio apologized. Great. 

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