Cinematic Releases: Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates - Reviewed

Mike & Dave really need wedding dates. Read our review of their raunchy comic adventure. 

Mike and Dave Stangle are hard-partying real life brothers from New York City who were faced with a dilemma.  In the hopes of keeping them under control and averting a possible disaster, the brothers were asked by their family to bring date’s to their cousin’s wedding.  They took their plight to Craigslist and became an instant viral sensation, eliciting thousands of responses from all over the world.  Soon the bros were making the talk show rounds and signing book and movie deals.  Their story is the basis of the new comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

We're all stoned right now. 

Hollywood’s version of Mike and Dave are Adam Devine (Workaholics) and Zac Efron, respectively.  Efron has transitioned nicely from Disney song-and-dance-man into a raunchy comedy mainstay in the Neighbors films, and he and Devine have a great natural chemistry together that could easily fool anyone into believing that they’re flesh-and-blood brothers.  Their fictional dates are played by Devine’s Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Kendrick and Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza.  The two actresses play a bit against type, as perfect female counterparts to the hard-partying brothers, trying really hard to be good girls to get a free trip to Hawaii.  Kendrick and Plaza match the boys beat-for-comedy-beat, getting plenty of opportunities to shine on their own, with their dates, and all together.  Mistakes are made, ruses fail, and the usual hilarity ensues.

Mike and Dave has no shortage of R-rated laughs, with each of the four leads and the very game supporting cast rising to the occasion.  It has the feel of a screwball 80’s sex comedy; it’s fun, good spirited, and just a bit predictable.  Unfortunately, where the film falls short is a lack of genuine heart that makes other films in the genre (Neighbors, for one) truly stand out.  The moments of redemption are funny but feel a little bit forced.  They’re sold well by the excellent cast but they never quite overcome that hollow feeling.  The film’s many funny moments make this easy to overlook temporarily, but aren’t quite enough to elevate Mike and Dave among the greats.

Dude. This is the best porno ever. 

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is a film with a lot going for it.  The four leads are well-cast and a lot of fun, and play off of each other nicely.  There are lots of raunchy laughs to be had.  But when it’s time to get real, the whole thing becomes a bit clich├ęd and the emotion doesn’t quite ring true.  Regardless, Mike and Dave are likable guys, and so is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, a shallow but wildly entertaining bit of mid-summer fun.  

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-Mike Stec