New Release Horror: Model Hunger - Reviewed

Model Hunger is out next week. We have an early review. 

There are two types of cringe-worthy films:

1)     The type of cringe-worthy film where the cringe-worthy parts are implied, leaving the viewer to create in their head what may be happening, queueing up shuddering and gnashing of teeth, mentally.
2)     The type of cringe-worthy film where the cringe-worthy parts are shoved down your throat in all of their eye-gouging glory, making the viewer turn their head while croaking “no no no”.

Debbie Richon’s Model Hunger is a product of the former that I have mentioned.

Let’s be blunt, the plot is loose, real loose.  Loose like Sunday night, drunk. I spent time with this film to understand it myself, because it really was shot well and I wanted to see if I was missing a gem of a plotline that could be lost in a lack of full attention.  Nope.  Just a slackened storyline, held together with bobby pins.

Time to get the hose again!!!

With that being said, there were some killer performances delivered in Model Hunger.  Lynn Lowry, leading as the hammer-wielding
Model Hunger, while having pretty loose plot, as I mentioned, is deserving of its 84-minute run time.  Another five minutes and I would have probably been making coffee.  It does not run too long, neither is it too short.  There are some points in the film however where Model Hunger does get stuck in the mud, fortunately to be rescued by someone's rather gruesome demise.

All in all, Model Hunger is an enjoyable teeth-grinder that definitely made me wince several times.  I really think, though, that without the support of veteran actress Lynn Lowry, this film would have fallen apart at the seams to the viewer when finished.  There just isn’t enough for me to really get emotionally involved with any of the characters except for Ginny Reilly.

So, if you are looking for a simple, blood ‘n’ guts slasher that breaks a couple of taboos, then Model Hunger will be your cup of blood.  Just do not be angry if you have to rewind a few times during the film to figure out what is going on.

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-Scott W. Lambert