New To Blu: Arrow Video - Suture (1993)

Arrow Video continues to kick ass with its release of Suture. 

The '90s were a special time for independent cinema. While big budget fare was still a mainstay, small indie flicks such as this became more mainstream and smaller budgeted, eccentric feature films like Suture were celebrated with open arms as the creative world saw a huge resurgence in all forms of art. Music was changing. Attitudes shifted. And film got a real shot in the arm during an era that brought us Pulp Fiction, 2 Days in the Valley, and a broad spectrum of other movies that went against the standard grain. 

What's up bro?

Suture is a brooding, Hitchcockian mystery that dives head first into a colorless world of mixed personalities, murderous plots, and a strange tale of long lost twins that still requires a formal explanation. Discovering this movie upon its release, it was an absolute pleasure to find that Arrow Video had finally given the film its proper due with a blu-ray release. Unlike many other films from that era, Suture still maintains its quality and relevance after 23 years. With a minimalistic style that pays tribute to a long lost time in film, this is full tilt neo-noir as the brainchild of Scott McGehee and David Siegel. Both of them went on to direct other films such as the maternal thriller The Deep End and What Maisie Knew. 

With a shooting style and a story that's instantly recognizable as a tribute to Hitchcock, the film will instantly draw comparisons to the director's genius method of operation. Using steady shots and a slow burn development of plot, this is an art house flick that went mostly unnoticed despite capturing a small cult following. Filmed completely in black and white, the movie definitely pushes the envelope of believability. Suture serves as an escapist thriller that throws cultural significance by the wayside as we're expected to believe an implausible idea so ridiculous that it actually becomes the biggest mystery of the entire feature. 

Care to take a bath?

Starring Dennis Haysbert (24) and Michael Harris as the opposing brothers, this tale of twins is a near masterpiece of intrigue and violence. Filmed completely in black and white, the movie definitely pushes the envelope of believability. Some may find Suture a hard watch due to its meandering pace. However, as a person that experienced a massive slate of innovative movies from the '90s first hand, this is one I definitely recommend. If you're a fan of mysteries, murder, and mayhem, this will definitely pique your interest. McGehee and Siegel did a brilliant job of creating a unique movie that plays on its viewers sense of cinematic nostalgia while delivering a piece of cinema that's injected with inventiveness and energy. 

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