News: Phantasm:Remastered and Phantasm:Ravager Release Dates

Finally some news on the Phantasm front. Read and share. 

For years, Phantasm fans have waited for another proper sequel in the ongoing series. Well, after a long wait, the next iteration in the Phantasm franchise will be hitting theaters in Fall of 2016. Phantasm: Ravager stars many of the original stars and will be released in limited run theaters and VOD on October 7th. Phantasm: Remastered, a new master of the original film, will be in theaters on September 24th as part of the first Art House Theater Day.

Other films in the series will be released in conjunction with Ravager. Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead and Phantasm IV: Oblivion will also be available on VOD on October 7th with all the films in the series making their way to blu-ray and dvd later on. Phantasm II may also be available but plans have not been finalized. Either way, that's a whole lotta horror.


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