News: Saw Legacy Begins Filming in September

Want to play a game......again? Saw is making a comeback. 

The Saw franchise still isn't dead. Why won't it just die? Money. That's why. 

After a long hiatus, the long running Saw franchise is about to come back. While some of us may think the series was run into the ground, the studio is ready to make another go at bringing the horror franchise back for another entry in the gore infused tale of terror. Whether they go back to the well and try to bring Jigsaw back still remains to be seen. The later films only featured the character in flashbacks. Yet, where there is possible money to be made, Lionsgate is surely ready to cash in again. 

Dear god! Please not another sequel.

After Saw 3D, fans basically abandoned the Saw franchise and thought it had run its course.  After six years and many new properties later, this latest entry is said to begin filming on September 12th with production wrapping sometime in October. Saw Legacy will most likely premiere for Halloween 2017. 

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