News: Star Trek Beyond To Premiere Early

Star Trek Beyond will premiere early as part of a marathon. 

Star Trek Beyond has not had an easy road. After a fan outcry over the last two movies breaking from the typical Trek format, Beyond switched its entire creative team right before production began. The franchise was dealt another blow with the sudden death of Anton Yelchin. We're still waiting to see how they'll deal with the actor's death in the already announced fourth Trek film. Despite the backlash against the new Trek action format, Justin Lin promises that this new film will take a turn towards bringing back the tone of the original series. 

Well, fans will be pleased to hear that the third film in the Kelvin timeline reboot will now be premiering one night early as part of a three movie marathon. 

For one low ticket price, viewers will get to see Star Trek, Into Darkness, and Beyond in the premium IMAX format. The entire series will screen on Wednesday, July 20th. A complete list of locations is included at this link


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