Crowdfunding: Cult Epics IndieGogo Campaign for The Art of Rozz Williams-From Christian Metal to Death Metal

Rozz Williams was the front-man of the legendary group Christian Death, an influential band in the genres Death Rock and Goth to this day. He was also featured in the Cult Epics release PIG, as directed by Nico B. Unknown to many Rozz was also an artist, poet, who sadly passed away after the making of PIG. Nico B’s book on him (as was published by Last Gasp in 1999) has been long-out-of-print.The book featured the work of the multi talented artist Williams including his art, poetry, and lyrics, discographies, performance history and photos of Christian Death, Shadow Project, his solo work, and PIG.

Cult Epics is looking for crowdfunding in order to re-release it as a hardcover book this time, a revised edition. They are looking for your support for their IndieGogo campaign to get this book reprinted. Check out the link and support this campaign if it interest you, it just started and they have thirty days remaining. IndieGogo Link

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