VOD Releases: Blood Trap (2015) – Reviewed

Now available on VOD and Blu-ray is the British crime horror film Blood Trap, which is about six criminals attempting to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy man only to become trapped inside of her mansion. They end up in a rather twisted situation that they were not quite expecting. While there are several weird scenes and a number of interesting visual moments, they can’t save this production from being a poor attempt at a U.K. version of something the likes of From Dusk Til Dawn.

The camerawork from director Alberto Sciamma and cinematographer Davide Manca are finely done, making use of daring camera angles and a couple of nice overhead shots. The lighting is effective and they are able to achieve some decent shadows on the actors and their surroundings. The old world locations and set design makes for an appealing visual experience, including items such as long curving stone steps and underground locations that resemble catacombs. Filming took place in Italy, so they were able to find locations that contain an authentic old world charm to them.

For the most part the acting is acceptable. Costas Mandylor and Gianni Capaldi both give rather good performances, while Vinnie Jones makes a brief appearance in order for the production to take advantage of his name recognition. However, some of the acting is just flat out ridiculous, which is most likely due to poor script decisions that affected how the characters are portrayed from scene to scene.

The other major issues are with the score and how it was edited. The score is all over the place, containing classical, punk rock, rock, opera, and a traditional score. At times it works. When it doesn’t, it is exceptionally annoying. There are multiple scenes where the score is just one piano key being tapped twice, which makes it seem like a child scored parts of this picture. There are also other moments where they use high pitched strings and it is simply painful on the ears.

It should be noted that there are the typical elements that generally attract and interest fans of the horror genre; there is nudity, violence, a fair amount of blood, and several gorrific sequences. The special effects and make up all look realistic when they are on the screen.

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While there are a few quality moments in this movie that are either bizarre, contain a little bit of humor, display gore, or have interesting visuals, it isn’t quite enough to make this anything more than an average motion picture.

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-Raul Vantassle