Comics: Marvel Announces Star Wars: Classified Series For December

With Star Wars hitting every medium again, Marvel comics is introducing a new series tentatively called Classified

As the Darth Vader run comes to a close, Kieron Gillen is teaming up with Kev Walker to deliver another comic series that will start a brand new storyline and will introduce new characters to the always growing universe of Star Wars. There are very few details known right now so the Star Wars: Classified name may eventually change. It may just be a placeholder until the story is more rounded out. However, Gillen says there are already two issues written and that this series will be "an utter delight".

Having followed the initial Marvel run from the onset of Star Wars as a comic book, they've done a great job delivering some of the best side stories and limited run series. It'll be an absolute blast to see what these guys come up with next.