VOD Releases: Dirty 30 (2016) - Reviewed

On the eve of Kate's 30th birthday, unsatisfied by her progress in life, she agrees to let her two lifelong friends throw her a party. But what's supposed to be a simple and small celebration, becomes a wild who's who of past and present, and things quickly spiral out of control. Written by Mamrie Hart and Molly Prather, and Directed by Andrew Bush, this 86 minute film from Lionsgate just hit select theaters, and HD digital outlets, on September 23rd. The DVD will be sold at Target September 27th. Dirty 30 was produced by Michael Goldfine, who worked on Camp Takota, which Mamrie Hart also wrote and starred in 2014. Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart play Mamrie's two best friends in both films, and in real life, they together have over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Dirty 30 is rated PG-13 and has already placed in the top 10 on iTunes within the first 12 hours of its release.

Along with the Holy Trinity, there are lots of familiar faces to be seen from the online community. Viewers may recognize Joselyn Hughes, Mikey Murphy, Flula Borg, Chester See, Drew Monson, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, plus more. Dan Chamberlain, Mamrie's sketch comedy friend, also stars as one of many party goers that someone can easily match with a friend or foe they know in real life. The same goes for what goes on inside the party, the activities that take place and the emotions that could surprisingly spring up. As it leads up to the party, Kate's unhappiness where she is in life is if not the most relatable detail of the whole movie, and the film does a good job at showing how sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to get something that you really want.

Flula Borg does a great job as the hype DJ, as he does in real life serving some upbeat, non Top 40 jams. The overall tone of the movie is light hearted and funny, with some low key moments that make you want to kick some of the characters (but don't worry, that's the point). Aside from some of the acting being a little cheesy, it doesn't even matter because you're just here to enjoy the party too. Everyone can find a little bit of themselves within these characters and that is another reason why the movies is doing so well, along with all the fans and friends these YouTubers have gathered along their way in their own journeys.

I am the new spokeswoman for silly straws

You can go to dirty30movie.com to purchase the flick, along with other merch like shirts and bags from the movie, and in just a couple more hours it just may be #1 on iTunes. Dirty 30 will leave you wanting to get a drink with your friends and talk about everyone you can relate to the characters. This is one party you won't want to miss out on.

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-Kirsten Anderson