Book Reviews: It Came From the '80s: Interviews with 124 Cult Filmmakers

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The book It Came From the 80’s: Interviews with 124 Cult Filmmakers is a veritable masterpiece devoted to the wild world of 1980’s low budget B-movies, which is truly a must own for fans of cult cinema and trash flicks. Author Francesco Borseti’s new paperback takes a look at 28 low budget American and Canadian productions from different genres, using an assortment of interviews from the cast and crew. The questions that were used in the interviews have been removed from the book, so as to create a format in which it appears that each person is telling their individual accounts on their biography and memories of the picture.

I was pretty much instantly sold on this book after two very interesting and highly detailed stories from Ted Newsom, writer on Blood Frenzy, and George Goldsmith, writer on Blue Monkey. The movies that were selected for this have had virtually nothing dedicated to them in any literary form, so this is essentially the first time that any of these have received this kind of in depth treatment. There is no critical analysis of the films, instead the author focuses on the unique personal accounts and the day-to-day struggles that were and are a part of the world of low budget filmmaking.

While each of the events that described are specific to these motion pictures that came out in the 1980’s and the VHS era, they can easily transfer to the glory days of the drive-in circuit when Roger Corman ruled the low budget industry. Even though times have drastically changed since then, many of it can still be applied to the industry today as well. The tales include pornography filmmakers trying to break into the mainstream, extremely fast deadlines and turnarounds, incredibly short filming schedules, long hours, dangerous conditions, directors and cast members freaking out, aging stars forced to appear for a quick buck, producers hiding from creditors and juggling money, and many people gaining experience while on the job.
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This thing is not going to fit into my Blu-ray player

It may be beneficial to have seen these movies before reading about them, but I found it fascinating regardless of whether I’ve watched them before or have never seen them at all. It paints a vivid picture of what the hectic and sometimes bizarre life of the low budget filmmaker was like during the 1980’s. This comes highly recommended for cult and low budget films fans and would be a valuable addition to their collection.

This book was published by McFarland and can be purchased online at or by calling their order line (800-53-2187). It is also available as an ebook from all major ebook providers, for a complete list of providers see

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-Raul Vantassle