VOD Releases: My Blind Brother (2016) – Reviewed

nick kroll
Now available on VOD is the offbeat romantic comedy My Blind Brother, starring Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Adam Scott, and Zoe Kazan. It is a brilliant comedy that is downright hilarious and totally screwed up, pushing comedy about the blind further than you possibly could expect it to go. Yet it still has extra depth to it, offering up some heart and thematic elements that will touch most of the viewers. You’re unlikely to find another romantic comedy that is anywhere similar to this one. The story involves a blind man (Scott), his brother (Kroll), and their complex triangular relationship that develops with a woman (Slate).

The story from writer and director Sophie Goodhart is finely crafted, producing a uniquely weird and humorous tale about family and love. The dialogue is smart and funny and it is expertly delivered by this amazing cast of veteran comedic talent. There are several sequences that should have you practically rolling on the floor in laughter. For this particular environment, the behaviors of the blind characters that are featured all seem to be realistic and many of the crazy situations that happen are still believable.

The cast is completely outstanding. Now this could be a simple issue of personal taste, as not everyone is a fan of the group of actors that appear in this. However, I believe that they all perform there parts to total perfection and play off of each other terrifically. This could be born out of the fact that most of them have previously worked together on other projects. Adam Scott portrays the blind brother and is convincing in the role. There are times where you see glimpses of his typical roles like in Parks and Recreation, however this character is more obnoxious and narcissistic than most of his previous roles. Jenny Slate excels at playing this type of flawed character that is somewhat similar to her performance in Obvious Child; she does a superb job of delivering both the comedic dialogue and the dramatic side that is needed. Nick Kroll is once again at his best. Just like in Adult Beginners, he brings his distinctive comedic style and the dramatic depth that is necessary for his character. Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) has a minor role and shines in her brief time onscreen with some witty lines. Another standout is Charlie Hewson, who plays a rather amusing blind pot head with some good comical dialogue.

nick kroll
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It’s unfortunate that such fun and distinctive independent films don’t receive more attention than the productions that end up with wider theatrical releases. Here’s hoping that this one gets a little attention and love for being so different from the rest of the romantic comedy pack. If you’re a fan of anyone in this cast, then you should find this to be quite entertaining.
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-Raul Vantassle