Crowdfunding: Never Hike Alone - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

Fans of Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise should be excited for this 22 minute short fan film titled Never Hike Alone, which is currently seeking crowd funding through Kickstarter. The story involves a hiker named Kyle, who goes on a solo hike and comes across the long lost remains of Camp Crystal Lake. His search around the camp grounds leads him too discover that Jason Voorhees is still alive and looking too hack something. Kyle has to fight for his life like never before.

Never Hike Alone - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

The nearly two minute trailer looks absolutely sick and makes me eager to see more of this short fan film. You can visit Womp Stomp Films Kickstarter page and donate in exchange for some swag.

Their funding goal is $40,000 with 27 days left to go, so get pledging horror fans! Check them out at this link

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