New Horror Releases: Meat (Vlees) (2010) - Reviewed

Sex, blood, and meat. The world just got even stranger. After sitting on the butcher shop shelf for six years, Artsploitation Films is releasing the reality based horror flick, Meat on September 20th. 

For those seeking a delicious platter of erotic violence and disturbing imagery, this will be a great way to kick off the Halloween horror season. Armed to the bloody teeth with naked human skin and hanging dead flesh, Meat is transgressive filmmaking that skips typical tropes by banging out scene after scene of uncomfortable situations, dirty deeds, and a strange sense of perverse sexuality. This is gross, mysterious horror that mixes a Gaspar Noe type vibe with grain, grit, and a delectable helping of dark humor. 

Meat will not sit well with many viewers, especially those that take issue with the handling of animals as food. The movie takes a cold and sterile look at the butcher shop, the violence of food preparation, and the vile souls that inhabit this presentation of their world. With a cunning delivery, Meat is a slow paced 'erotic thriller' that takes no issue being nearly pornographic. It's no shock whatsoever that Artsploitation took this on as one their releases. The film will sit perfectly with their bizarre catalog of foreign, independent, and remarkably weird titles. Of all their films that I've seen, this may end up being the most divisive among their loyal fan base. 

There's a reason this sat dormant for many years. It's a challenging watch that doesn't hand the plot right over. Meat could be qualified as experimental arthouse cinema that uses its beautiful female lead to her full extent, expelling her sensuality all over the movie as she's used and abused by men of no good intentions. Meat eroticizes the consumption of animal flesh while toiling in surrealist visuals and human death, all the while giving its audiences a non-conformist script that never struggles to be confusing as all hell. 

Someone give me some meat. I'm hungry. 

I won't specifically suggest this as a must watch because I'm not exactly sure what crowd they were aiming for with Meat. There will not be a wide audience for this feature. However, there will be a small defined batch of people that will watch this over and over again to try and connect the dots. If you don't need everything spelled out for you, this is an interesting bit of devious filmmaking. It looks good. It sounds good. But the story is not fully realized. 

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