News: Uncharted Movie Dead In The Water

Video game adaptations haven't been doing very well domestically. With Warcraft being an overseas juggernaut but not catching on with the U.S. audience and other game to movie properties not producing big box office numbers, this latest franchise looks like it may be dead in the water.

With no star attached to the movie, no director on board, and now the release date absolutely pulled from the release schedule, Uncharted appears to be doomed.  Joe Carnahan was initially set to pen the screenplay, but did not take the directorial gig. So for now,  we won't be getting an Uncharted flick unless something miraculous happens. The 2017 release is officially off with 2018 being the next viable option. However, that may not even happen. 

In the past, stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Nathan Fillion have been speculated to take on the role of the popular video game character.

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