TV Snapshot: American Horror Story Season 6, Chapter 2 - Review

Picking up where Chapter 1 left off, like a heartbeat, Chapter 2 showcases more elaborate chilling dialogue and sinister visuals. Continuing the “docu-series” style, we the viewer follow the Miller’s story through dramatic re-enactment. Deciding not to be bullied anymore, Matt and Shelby Miller, along with their sister, Lee take a stand against who they believe is behind all of these stunts by getting local officers protection. Not a moment longer, they quickly realize that whatever is happening is not just locals trying to scare them out of the home.

Getting a better glimpse at more of the cast (including Lady Gaga and Wes Bentley), one character in particular, Dr. Elias Cunningham, goes deeper into the documentation of his experience in the house and all of its haunting history, enlightening us to more terrifying events around the property, particularly the woods. His revelations are frightening enough on their own, but Lee’s daughter comes to visit and inspires the reveal of some seriously disturbing accusations.

While only the second episode, American Horror Story: Roanoke is well on its way to possibly becoming the fan favorite. The brilliant use of actual history makes for a surreal hook to grab the audience. The writers really dig their hooks in and drag you forward, as you hide your eyes with your hands, but peek through your fingers. Unfortunately, the music is a major negative. Mostly quiet yet eerie humming or soft arpeggio, but there are far too many loud string shrieks and piano slams meant strictly to startle. These horror movie music clich├ęs nearly rip you right out of this scary story. These tones belong in B-Horror and can drown out key plot points. While music is a prominent factor, it’s not enough to turn anyone away.

With exceptional action paired with convincing writing, Chapter 2 is precisely what you thought it would be—scary.


- H