TV Snapshot: American Horror Story Season 6, Chapter 3 - Review

Only on episode three, this Roanoke nightmare is escalating quite quickly which is leading me to believe that we will get multiple stories this season. Maybe after the Miller’s story there will be another home owner who has come forward about the property and in doing so, continuing this seasons “docu-series” style. With this in mind, season 5 just might end up being the beginning of a new structure to the show. On the other hand, the rate of escalation could also mean season 5 is going to be more radical than the previous seasons, running away with more shocking writing. So far season 1 is the only season to be a straight horror story with minimal flash.

Chapter 2 left us with every mother’s worst nightmare -- having your child go missing and then finding only a personal belonging, but no child. And of course, because AHS knows how to cut deep, to make the situation even more drastic, we witness one uniquely bizarre circumstance. Using this opportunity to slow things down in the main story, Chapter 3 takes a skeptical turn with Cricket, played by Leslie Jordan who made his debut in American Horror Story: Coven to create major build up on the reveal of the Lost Colony. A true American horror story finally getting its chance to be heard through the incredible mysterious history laid out and the vast imagination of the writing coming from James Wong.

Making an undeniably strong presence, Kathy Bates’ character casts a heavy shadow. Thomason White, known as The Butcher, is her main counterpart and is being fictionally pinned as the reason for what happened to the colony of 167 settlers in the 1500s. Not only is Kathy Bates a veteran actress in Hollywood, but she has played some of the best characters within the AHS series and The Butcher is another notch on her belt. Do not forget that this season is coming to us through dramatic re-enactment. Cuba Gooding Jr, Sarah Paulson, and Angela Bassett act so well together, you expect to see them in another American Horror Story season.

Chapter 3 is gory and horrifyingly fantastic. This story is just getting started and heading down a highly intriguing path. My initial predictions of branching stories may turn out inaccurate after this episode, but I’m content with that. Here's to a daunting rise in this story with all of us as witness.


- H