News: Rob Liefeld Makes Youngblood Script Available For Free

Fans of the Youngblood comic series will be excited to learn that the movie script has been made available for free.
Creator and co-founder of Image Comics Rob Liefeld has made a PDF version of the script available through his website for no charge. Liefeld stated:
"A short while back I penned this Youngblood screenplay, it was a story that I wanted to tell, it was a tale I’d been sitting on for years," Liefeld wrote. "This is my vision of what a Youngblood movie would look and how it would feel like. I know that fans who have loved Youngblood through the ages are certain to be thrilled by some if not many of the beats throughout this script. This has not been exposed at the studio level and that is certainly not the purpose here. This is for YOU! It costs me nothing to give this to you as a free pdf, something created and written for the most extreme Youngblood die-hards!"

Well fans read it and let us know what you think.

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