31 Days Of Hell: The Curse Of Robert The Doll (2016) – Reviewed

curse of robert
The only thing that should be considered cursed about this independent British horror film is the production itself, which comes off as nothing more than an uninspired and ridiculous attempt to capitalize on the success of Annabelle. Being able to come up with anything more than that this picture is simply bad is a chore in of itself. The story is about a cursed demon doll that is illegal purchased by a museum owner in order to increase his attendance and profits, obviously bad doll events end up taking place.

The story is basically a rehash of other doll movies, combining elements of Annabelle, Dolls, the Chucky series, and the Puppet Master series. The first act is super slow and it never ramps up, with a very limited body count and few scares. It adds an investigation into the mix as well, which reminded me of what the filmmakers of the U.S. version of The Ring did. There are many things that the characters do or certain events that take place that were either questionable or didn’t make sense at all.

This was written, directed, and produced by Andrew Jones. Unfortunately, the look of this movie is as poor as the script. The colors look dull and watered down. It’s hard to tell if it was due to the lighting, film or camera problems, or some other type of issue. Either way, it leads to the color in this picture being uneven throughout.

The acting is just average. The actress portraying the “final girl” is uninspiring and no one ever delves deep into showing the true terror that you should come to expect in the horror genre. The doll does look kind of creepy, although I would suggest that they made a poor decision in the way that it was crafted. It looks less like an actual doll or ventriloquist dummy and more like an attempt to manufacture an ugly and creepy sculpture. Robert the doll doesn’t convey emotion like other scary dolls or puppets tend to do, so there isn’t much there to be scared of when he’s moving around.

I'm not really old, this is just bad make up

Bottom line; you should avoid this motion picture at all costs. If you want some to be scared by some evil or possessed dolls, revisit one of the old classics.

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