31 Days Of Hell: VOD Releases: Fear, Inc. (2016) – Reviewed

Now available on VOD is the new horror comedy Fear, Inc. While it may not elicit true terror in the viewer, the end result is an almost near perfect Meta experience for the horror genre freak that combines elements of April Fool’s Day, The Game, Scream, Saw, and other popular horror movies. The plot involves a horror freak searching for the ultimate scare, something that goes above the typical haunted house experience. He learns about a special company that provides a unique brand of terror that is exclusively tailored to the customer, only to discover that his experience may be deadly realistic.
The plot and dialogue are chock full of geek movie references that are likely to either please or offend fans of the films mentioned and the horror genre. All of these references make sense to the story and the lead character’s cinema obsession and specifically horror, tying into everything that occurs. There are multiple twists that will either have you guessing and surprised by what happens or leave you feeling like it were all very predictable. Some viewers may be turned off by the filmmakers concern for twists and attempting to shock and surprise the audience, quite possibly having the horror elements taking a backseat to its twists.
The acting was finely done. Lucas Neff (Raising Hope) is the glue that holds the piece together, standing out as the obsessed uber horror geek. He shows the range that ends up being required for this role, providing the comedic moments when he is enjoying what he thinks is just a game and then moving into fear and terror when it may very well be real. The rest of the core cast also do a nice job, always giving us the performances needed to leave us questioning the truth behind what is taking place.

The movie has absolutely wonderful production values and location settings. The direction and camerawork are both finely done, with good camera placement and angles. Despite being a straight to VOD release, it has the looks of being a theatrical release. The special effects are superb and fall somewhere in between looking realistic and fake, further adding to the uncertainty of what is occurring.

fear, inc
Dude, are we playing Saw or Silence of the Lambs?
With enough scary moments, blood, gore, twists and movie geek references, there is more than enough here to entertain both the average movie viewer and the hardcore horror geek.

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