Artist Spotlight: Van Gogh Inspired Artwork Featuring Nintendo, Star Wars, And Other Pop Culture Imagery From Aja Trier

Check out this artwork inspired by Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting, featuring characters and imagery from the pop culture world.

nintendo, legend of zelda

Created by New York artist Aja Trier, this series of work included Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Star Wars, and other iconic imagery interacting within the world of van Gogh's famous painting. While she is now primarily known for her mixed media work that focuses on the female form, these van Gogh pieces became extremely popular when she did them. She also has several wonderful newer paintings of some famous Hollywood actresses from the past. Check out her artist bio and the rest of the images below. You can also visit her Etsy page and Sagittarious Gallery to see more of her work or to purchase prints and original art.

"In 2011, I painted a piece depicting the Eiffel Tower overlooking the river Seine. It had some van Gogh-esque qualities to it but I was really only drawing inspiration from his work and carrying certain aspects into mine. A few weeks after uploading it online an educational blog doing a write up on van Gogh missattributed my painting to be a genuine van Gogh, and in no time it was being shared on Tumblr and Pinterest as a real van Gogh. 'van Gogh's Eiffel Tower.' Several travel sites even jumped on the bandwagon. Once that happened, a bunch of paint and sip places started using my work for their paint parties. The whole thing was so ridiculous, because van Gogh never even saw the Eiffel Tower completed - he'd moved to the south of France already and passed away before making it back to Paris to see the finished structure. I started having to explain this ad nauseum. It was at that time I decided to paint scenes that van Gogh couldn't possibly have seen. It started with real locations, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Stonehenge, and moved on to the Starship Enterprise and the Delorean from Back to the Future. From there it really just expanded, as people would get a hold of me and ask 'did you ever think it might be fun to paint pop culture iconography?'It really took on a life of its own."

legend of zelda

star trek

adventure time

aja trier

star wars

back to the future

aja trier

family guy

calvin and hobbes

nintendo, super mario brothers

powerpuff girls


my little pony

ren and stimpy


super mario brothers

super mario brothers

super mario brothers





winnie the pooh

fight club

harry potter


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