Artist Spotlight: Star Wars, Vampirella, Fables And More From Illustrator And Comic Artist Chrissie Zullo

Check out this awesome collection of art and a short interview from illustrator and comic book artist Chrissie Zullo.
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Chrissie Zullo is an illustrator and comic book artist who has worked for DC, Dark Horse, Archie Comics, Topps, IDW, and Harper Collins. Some of her comic work includes the covers for Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love, Hack/Slash, Vampirella and sequential interiors on Fables, and Madame Xanadu. You can view more of her art or purchase prints at StoreEnvy, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Check out the rest of the images and several interview questions below.

TMS: What are your artistic influences?

 CZ:Growing up, I was mostly influenced by Disney and Anime, and as I went into college, a lot of my influences came from Low Bro and American comics. I think my style is a crazy mix of all those different styles I like.

TMS: What were some of your favorite comics growing up?

CZ: I grew up on a lot of Manga, and it wasn't until college that I really fell in love with American comics, mostly anything Batman and Fables.

TMS: Can you tell the readers which comics and publishers you have worked for?

CZ: Yes- I have worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Comics, Archie Comics, Harper Collins, and more!

TMS: How do you choose which projects you work on?

CZ: I try to be open to any new project, because it gives me a chance to try things I wouldn't normally have tried to draw.

TMS: Can you explain your artistic process? How long does a project typically takes and what type of materials that you use? Do you have a go to soundtrack that you typically listen to while working?

CZ: Yes- I always start with three to five thumbnail sketches to get an idea for the piece. Once I like a thumbnail or it gets approved, I sketch it out larger, then typically ink it. Depending on the piece, I either paint with acrylic, color with marker, or color digitally.

TMS: You’ve done several Vampirella covers, were you a fan of the character to begin with?

CZ: Yes, especially her redesign. I loved the new outfit and new storyline, so it was a lot of fun to create those covers.

TMS: Can you tell us about any projects that you are currently working on?

CZ: Right now, I have a cover coming out for the new Josie and the Pussycats, as well as a new cover for Archie.

TMS: What are some of your favorite movies, comics, television shows, and other current artists?

CZ: Some favorite movies are - anything Star Wars, Alien, sci-fi, and anything Disney animation. TV - Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Other Artists- too many to name, but some of my all time favorite are James Jean and Adam Hughes.

TMS: Do you have any pets?

CZ: Haha yes, two Boston Terriers (Rosa and Sandwich), and a black cat (Sephiroth). 

TMS: How many conventions do you typically exhibit at each year? Is it a big part of building and selling your brand?

CZ: I do about 10-15 conventions a year, all over the country and sometimes in other countries. I think it is a great way to get your artwork out there and build a bigger audience to your art, and also a great way to see new places and meet new people.

TMS: Who is your favorite comic book character or superhero and why?

CZ: Right now, probably Wonder Woman, but I have a soft spot for anything Zatanna.

TMS: What is the last song that you listened to?

CZ: I'm currently listening to classic/old-timey Halloween songs to get ready for the holiday.

TMS: Finally, what was the last movie you watched?

CZ: I don't know if it counts as a "movie", but last night I watched "Over the Garden Wall".
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