VOD Releases – Flock Of Dudes (2016) – Reviewed

Now available on VOD is the wild buddy/romantic comedy Flock of Dudes, about a guy in his thirties who decides to break up with his outrageous group of friends. It takes the audience on a pretty entertaining ride, falling into the realm of insane and crazy behavior that is typical of comedies like The League, Workaholics, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Hangover series.

If one were to be overly critical, you might say that this borrows various elements from many of the productions mentioned above and throws them together into this. While there are several sequences that have definitely occurred in other television shows and films, they are modified enough to come off as original to this story. It does combine two subgenres of comedy together with the buddy comedy and also the romantic comedy. The romantic subplot is very minor compared to the themes of growing up and finding a balance between friends once they’ve all gotten married and graduated into adulthood. In many ways, you could almost refer to this picture as the male version of Bridesmaids. Even with being able to draw comparisons to other productions, there is more than enough hilarious dialogue and ridiculous antics in this that should make you laugh.

The huge cast of actors and comedians that appear in this is outstanding and it is one of the movies main draws, with them showing up in either a major supporting role or just a minor appearance. All of the performances are good, with most of the actors getting at least one decent piece of dialogue or some type of funny moment. It stars Chris D’Elia (Undateable and Whitney) in the archetypal role of the man looking to change and while he’s not as outlandish as the rest of the characters, he does an admirable job in the role. Rounding out his main group of buddies is Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect), Bryan Greenberg (Bride Wars), Brett Gelman (Married), and Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show). Gelman is a comedic stud and absolutely steals the show in the scenes when he is totally bonkers. I look forward to seeing anything that he makes an appearance in.

It also includes Hannah Simone (New Girl), Hillary Duff, Jamie Chung (The Hangover II), Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), Hannibal Buress (The Eric Andre Show), Timothy Simons (Veep), Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Ross, and Marc Maron. Rauch is great in her role, taking on a character that is the polar opposite of the one she plays on The Big Bang Theory. Simons is totally insane and funny as a broker that is almost reminiscent of Christian Bale in American Psycho. And what needs to be said about Ray Liotta, except that it’s always a joy to watch his psychotic intensity in a comedy. Jeffrey Ross’s role may not win him an Oscar, but it will be etched in your brain forever.
Why so serious?

If you are a fan of any of these actors or wacky and absurd adult comedies, then you should enjoy this rather fun indie comedy. 

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