Images: Fan Art That Retells Harley Quinn's Origin Story

Check out this retelling of Harley Quinn's origin.
fan art harley quinn origin

This is a fan art comic that was created by artist Stjepan Sejic and is a darker version of Harley Quinn's origin and her relationship with the Joker. Check out the synopsis and the comic below. 
"It's an elseworlds approach so a lot of freedom was taken, but basically I had this idea of humanizing villains. Harley always struck me as a fascinating character because she was a psychiatrist. She could literally recognize her own pathology while being unable to stop it.

"Like I said, it's an elseworlds take. Some things aren't the same. Harley here is a skilled, if tunnelvisioned psychiatrist who sees the joker as both a challenge and a potential solution to her theory of mental disorder as a survival mechanism."

"What starts off as a professional fascination goes horribly wrong."

harleen by nebezial