Images: More Photos For The Upcoming Wolverine Movie Logan Including Stephen Merchant As Caliban

The influx of Logan images just keeps flowing in with multiple photos showing up online today.

There were multiple posts today featuring new images for the upcoming third installment of Wolverine titled Logan. First is an image of Stephen Merchant as Caliban, which was released by director James Mangold on his Twitter account. In the film, Caliban is rumored to be helping Wolverine to take care of the aging Professor X. The character was first introduced as one of the Morlocks and has the mutant ability to track down other mutants and can also channel the emotions of people around him in order to increase his strength. He was at one point a member of the four horseman with Apocalypse. Check out the image below.

There was also another Instagram post from the film's official account showing an image of Route 62, near El Paso and the Mexican border. There is no word on how or why the story would be taking place in this area. Check out the image below.
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