News: More Roles Revealed for Logan

Several more roles have been revealed for Wolverine's last adventure in the film Logan.

There has been a lot of information rolling in since right before NYCC took place this past weekend. We found out the title, saw a page of the script, an image that implies it will be R-rated, a picture of an old version of Professor X, some plot information, and who one of the villains will be. Now The Wrap has gotten some additional information about some of the other main characters who will be involved.

Their sources told them that the young girl featured in the poster is named Laura and will be the young version of mutant X-23. The character is reportedly being played by Sienna Novikov. The other piece of information is that the mad scientist character being played by Richard E. Grant is Dr. Zander Rice, who is the head of of Transigen. The Wrap says that:

"In the Marvel comics, Dr. Rice was the surgical head of the project which created X-23. Dale Rice, Zander's father, worked on the original Weapon X Project where he was killed by an escaping Wolverine as he fled with a briefcase full of information about the project. Years later, Zander - now called Dr. Rice - became the surgical head on a project to recreate the Weapon X procedure."

There is also news that Mr. Sinister will not be appearing in the movie, as was originally reported by Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg on the commentary track for X-Men: Apocalypse.