News: Bryan Fuller Stepping Back From Showrunner Role On Star Trek: Discovery

It has been announced that Bryan Fuller will be stepping back as showrunner on Star Trek: Discovery.

Variety recently broke this story, saying that executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts will assume the day-to-day responsibilities. The new Star Trek television series was pushed back to a new premiere date of March 2017, which is one of the main reasons that Fuller is stepping back. He currently has two other shows in various forms of production, making the juggling of multiple duties even tougher. Fuller still has the final weeks of shooting and pre-roduction of Starz upcoming series American Gods and also preparing a reboot of Amazing Stories for NBC.
There reportedly was some tension between Fuller and CBS over the progress of the production of the show, which was moved from a January release date to March in order to tighten up the scripts and work on effects. He is still expected to serve as an executive producer and it is said that it will still follow his vision for how the universe will be followed.