News: John Wick Co-Director Frontrunner To Direct Deadpool 2 [Updated]

Fox and Ryan Reynolds may have found the director for Deadpool 2.
Ryan Reynolds is zeroing in on a new director for

 Now that Tim Miller has left the job over creative differences, the search is on for a new director. Mashable first broke the news that John Wick co-director David Leitch "is the strong frontrunner to direct Deadpool 2." Ryan Reynolds agency, WME, has been pushing for the actor and the studio to select one of their own clients, with Leitch being the first choice.While it isn't set in stone yet and there are some other directors on the list, "by most accounts, 20th Century Fox has found its man."
Leitch has a prior working history with the studio and the actor. He served as the action coordinator for X:Men Origins: Wolverine, in which Reynolds first played a version of Deadpool. He also performed stunts for several Fox films including Blade, Daredevil, and Fight Club. He has some other projects that he is attached to direct, but none of them are as close to going into production as Deadpool 2.

[Updated] Deadline has reported that two other potential directors on the short list include Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens. Goddard was most recently the writer and an executive producer on The Martian.  Martens directorial credits are mostly from television and include Agents of SHIELD, 12 Monkeys, and Luke Cage.