Images: Power of Mattel Art Show

Check out some of these cool pieces of art from Gallery 1988's Power of Mattel art show.
He-man by ALINA CHAU.png

The show is inspired by the various Mattel toy properties from the 1980's such as He-man, She-ra, and so many more. The show is currently taking place at Gallery 1988 (West) in Los Angeles until October 15th. Some of the artists include Peter Han, Rafa Toro, Scott Balmer, Pakoto, Maria Björnbom Öberg, Joel Abad, Carly Janine Mazur, Brendon Flynn, Alina Chau, CHOGRIN, Rudy's Obrero, Robot Soda, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Jason Brockert, Yeka, Trevor Zammit & David SIlva, Ryan Brinkerhoff, Cinema Fantasma, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Joshua Gilbert, Naoshi Sunae, Zack Wallenfang, Zack Wallenfang, Kyle Margiotta, Hoang Tran, Luke Flower, and more. You can see more of the art or make any purchases on their website. Check out the images below.
Hordak sculpture by Rafa Toro_2.png
MATTEL history by Luke Flowers.jpg
Mighty Max by Ryan Brinkerhoff.png
MOTU by Joel Abad.png
Dino Rider by NECA sculptors Trevor Zammit & Dave SIlva.png
Food Fighters Platoon inspired by Zack Wallenfang.png
Rock'em Sock'em by Hoang Tran.png
Rock'em Sock'em Rocky by Kyle Margiotta.png
She-ra by Maria Björnbom Öberg .png
SKELETOR by Brendon Flynn.png
Sorceress by Carly Manzur.png
Snake Mountain by Scott Balmer.png