Reviews: The Walking Dead - Season 7 Episode 1 - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

After months of waiting, all has been revealed as Negan's bat Lucille finally does its dirty work. And hell, do things get really ugly.  

Fans of The Walking Dead have been anxiously discussing this since last year's finale and they've finally seen a dramatic and brutal end as skulls are smashed and bashed by the show's newest antagonist. In usual zombie apocalypse fashion, TWD doesn't beat around the bush and continues to become more vicious with each season. As it's been said numerous times before, no one is safe. No one. And that becomes more apparent with each new chapter of the series. Season 7 already looks to put the last to shame as we're dumped right into the blood soaked affairs of Negan and his crew of inhumane cult-like followers.

Now the question remains. Has the show gone too far? Some are saying that this latest episode went full tilt grotesque with its graphic death sequences and total disregard for characters we've come to know and love. While The Walking Dead has never been a pretty show and mortality is the main focal point of the series, we've crossed into new territory where the human on human killing is becoming more brutal and the shock value may just be there for the sake of seeing how far they can push us. Yet, it's hard to fault the writing staff and creators behind the show for trying to advance and change what almost seems routine in the world of The Walking Dead. As the core group's situation becomes more dire and depressing, the violence is also amplifying. I'll be honest. Some of the footage here was far too sadistic, gory and cold. Sometimes we don't need to see every detail to know how awful things are. In the case of The Day Will Come When You Won't Be goes a little too overboard for people with weak stomachs. Coming from a horror junky that's seen it all, this is saying a lot. 

With the introduction of Negan, television has finally found its next classic villain. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's take on the bad guy is absolutely a good way. Morgan has a firm grasp on creating snide and brooding realizations of characters. He's no different here. Like the Governor amped up on a dose of speed with the reigns fully taken off, his Negan creates a whole new batch of problems for Rick and his crew. Make no mistake. I'm hearing that Negan will be around much longer than the Governor was on the show and will become a central point of the story from here on out. Although I've never read the comic, it seems he's doing justice to the source material. During the shocking death scenes, his Negan shows no remorse, no respect for human life, and even finds humor in the sickening aftermath. 

I have great fashion sense. Meet my scarf. 

As a kick off to the new season, things are already set in motion for the first half. Our characters will be back on the move trying to find help for Maggie as their semi-peaceful existence is once again torn to shreds. If the writers can keep the same focus they had for season 6, this might be another hell ride that I'll once again be watching every week. As a bonus, the direction they've taken with the music in the last couple seasons has really given the show an added little spark. Hopefully they keep that up. Until next week....................................