Artist Spotlight: Art And Interview With Ryan Vogler Featuring Texas Chainsaw Massacre And Other Movies And Comic Images

Check out this incredible artwork from professional artist Ryan Vogler, who has created art for numerous companies that span across the entertainment industry.


Vogler has been creating published work for over eighteen years as both a freelance and in-house graphic designer, digital illustrator, and graphic designer. He has been employed throughout the entertainment industry, producing work for movies, video games, books, comic books, music video, and network television. His work has included logo designs, promotional items, advertisements, posters, brochures, and web content. The list of companies that have enlisted his services include Image Comic, Diamond Select Toys, Starz Entertainment, Cult Screenings UK Ltd., Marvel Entertainment, Kerberos Productions, Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, TBC Films, and the Maryland Zoo. You can view more of his artwork and purchase prints at his website, also make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He has graciously allowed us to show off his work and answer a few questions. Check them out below.

TMS: Who or what are some of your artistic influences?

RV: Frank Miller, George A. Romero, Alan Moore, John Carpenter, Simon Bisley and H.R. Giger.

TMS: Can you tell our viewers some of the projects that you have been involved in which they may be familiar with, but didn’t know that it was your work?

RV: I've created the artwork for the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror Documentary, Concept art for the movie - "Love in the Time of Monsters", concept art for Kerberos Games, movie poster artwork for the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival and for countless Indy video games, comics and movies.

TMS: How do you choose which projects you work on?

RV: I choose projects that allow me to express my artistic freedom and that give me creative control on what I draw. 

TMS: Can you explain your artistic process? How long a project typically takes and what type of materials that you use?

RV: I usually start off by doing a couple of thumbnails/sketches to get the idea down on paper before starting on the final design. Depending on the project, it takes me roughly 1-2 days to complete a design/painting. I design on a Wacom Cintiq & sometimes I doodle on my iPad Pro. 

TMS: Can you tell us about any projects that you are currently working on?

RV: I am currently doing cover & concept art work for a few authors & video game companies. 

TMS: What are some of your favorite movies, comics, television shows, and other current artists?

RV: Favorite movies... Mostly anything directed by Ridley Scott, Fritz Lang, John Carpenter and George A. Romero, Universal Monster films, Stop Motion Animated Films (Nightmare Before Christmas) and Transformers: The Movie. Favorite TV shows... War of the Worlds, Hannibal, Daredevil and the X-Files. Currently enjoying the Marvel films, Valiant Comics & anything written by Jeff Lemire. 

ash evil dead



dead snow

shadow of the vampire

ghost rider

friday the 13th, jason voorhees


halloween, michael myers

lance henriksen


magneto, x-men

texas chainsaw massacre

universal monsters, creature from the black lagoon

nightmare before christmas

big trouble in little china


dawn of the dead

pet semetary

star trek



indiana jones

the princess bride


bruce willis, sixth sense

x-men apocalypse

the shining

lord of the rings

death wish

an american werewolf in london

fight club

night of the living dead

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