News: 13 Scary Clowns Infographic

A new infographic breaks down the scariest clowns in movies and television.

With Halloween fast approaching and the wild clown epidemic that has been occurring all over the country, it seems only fitting that Halloween Costumes would create this scary infographic. Check out their image and synopsis below.

"Why are clowns so terrifying? Is it the blood-red lips? Or the perpetually-smiling mouths? Maybe they terrified us as children, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. For someone with a fear of clowns, often called “coulrophobia”, even the most joyful clowns are downright sinister. And even when they’re actually harmless, clowns can appear unsettling or weird. As far as we’re concerned, all clowns are scary clowns! With this in mind, we looked at the 13 of the most iconic scary clowns in movies and television, along with a number of honorable mentions."

13 Scary Clowns in Movies and Television