News: Stranger Things NYCC Panel Information

The Stranger Things NYCC panel happened today and we received some new information about Season 2.

 David K. Harbour (Chief Hopper) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) were part of the panel and they confirmed that Barb will not be coming back from the dead in the upcoming season. Harbour spoke about some of the scripts and how they will be even weirder, a love triangle will happen, and that we will find out more about the death of Hopper's daughter.
Harbour said that, We did get the first couple scripts and it’s insane. One of the great love triangles of the series” between Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Nancy (Natalie Dyer), and Steve (Joe Keery). “Even when I was watching I felt torn. They both were so three dimensional…there will be more of that for seasons to come.” 
Millie Bobby Brown said that, "Anything can happen, But I'm okay with [Steve and Nancy]. I just think Jonathan...Imagine if Barb came back and Jonathan and Barb were dating. That would be incredible."
Harbour also spoke about how he gets into character versus what Jared Leto did for the Joker, plus how his character will continue to deal with his daughter's death.
"For me, I don’t do the Jared Leto stuff with like sending dead pigs to people on set, but I do have a particular brand of method to what I do, which just means I like the experience that I have to be authentic and personal and so that can’t happen unless I sort of carry around a little bit,” he said. “Atlanta shooting was a very difficult experience because Hop is a lonely sort of sad guy. So, I definitely carried that away.
I feel like with the loss of a daughter like that, I just feel like he's truly broken in a way that almost cannot be healed,” Harbour said. “In a certain way he has so much guilt because he’s so used to saving people — used to good guys and bad guys — and finally he puts himself in a situation where it’s just life. I mean, there’s just nothing he can do and I think that he takes that on himself and carries it on his shoulders.”

So there you have it, Barb is not coming back. Spread the word.