TV Snapshot: American Horror Story: Roanoke, Chapter 5 - Reviewed

Five weeks have already gone by and AHS Season 6 feels like it's going to be over too soon. As Matt and Shelby’s Roanoke Nightmare escalates, so seems their trauma. Consistently is the plane of reality stretched thin as the Miller’s become prey for the many disgruntled spirits of The Lost Colony, but are not the first. Chapter 3 revealed and 4 instilled the true resting place of The Lost Colony. Edward Mott (Evan Peters), the man who built the home, is the fulcrum of some highly intriguing reveals this Chapter, but it's too early to tell if Peters is going to have more room to work with the character and shine like we know he can.

Accompanying these revelations, Kathy Bates' The Butcher takes to “purifying” her land in a typically gruesome manner. Her method of consecration is barbaric to say the least and Bates revels in the savagery which knows no bounds, no matter the victim. She is deeply chilling. Likewise, making another creepy appearance is the Polk family with some unnerving ties to The Butcher.

As the episode nears the close, so many characters and events are on display. Matt and Shelby feel hopeless and are on the brink of giving up. A particularly intense scene with Lee at the helm brings me back to my initial prediction that this season will showcase more than one story. I’m still unsure as to how it will actually play out, but from previews of next week’s episode, it’s looking like after the Miller’s tell their Roanoke Nightmare, some of them visit the home in excitement and disbelief only to confront what I can only assume is the truth of their experience. There is still at least another five episodes left to season 6, but I can guarantee whatever the story, whether a new story or a continuation of the Miller’s, it will be an excellent testament to the American Horror Story name.


- H