Artist Spotlight: Gorgeous Art Featuring Disney And Other Pop Culture Characters From Larienne Chan

Here is some simply gorgeous colored artwork featuring Disney and other pop culture characters.

All of this comes from the creative mind and skilled hands of Larienne Chan, who is a freelance illustrator and 2D conceptual artist. Her use of color is just simply gorgeous, mostly using a combination of watercolors and copic markers. You can follow her and view more of her art on Facebook, Instagram, and Deviantart. Check out a short bio, several interview questions, and the rest of the images below.

"In my works I love telling stories, either via symbolism or literal compositions. I love sharing my work with others and there is nothing more satisfying than people being able to connect with my art."

TMS: What are your artistic influences? And schooling/background?

LC: I am a self-taught artist so I have never attended any art school, however, I have always wanted to take a course in art. My main influences lie in the world around us, colors, ideas, concepts. I like telling stories with my art or at least I like trying to do it :)

TMS: What were some of your favorite comics/films/tv shows growing up?

 LC: As a very little kid, I grew up with many old anime classics but my early teenage years belonged to "Dragon Ball". It is my forever-favorite cartoon :) I also grew up watching Cartoon Network classics.
TMS: I saw that you were recently featured in a magazine. Any other relevant projects, gallery shows, etc. that you have been involved in that you would like the readers to know about?

For now I am open for commercial and personal commissions. I have worked on some projects that shall be, hopefully, revealed when they come to fruition :)

TMS: How do you choose which projects you work on?
  LC: I usually accept any type of projects that I know I will be able to contribute to quality-wise, and that can compensate me for my work. I always want my clients to be happy so I take all the efforts to meet their vision. I also don't mind challenges, like in the case of producing a piece for Blizzard. At first I wasn't sure if my style would fit their characters, but it turned out just fine and it was a fantastic experience :) Apart from that, I am always happy to contribute to charity events :)
TMS: Can you explain your artistic process? How long does a project typically takes and what type of materials that you use? Do you have a go to soundtrack that you typically listen to while working?
LC: When I work with traditional media, I usually sketch in the evenings. Night is usually inspiration-friendly for me :) Then if it is not late enough, I ink my picture so that it is ready to be colored the next day. Coloring can vary but it usually takes between a day to two days. It is similar with digital works. For traditional art I use Copic markers and Dr.Ph. Martin's watercolors. Many people think I work mostly with watercolors but it is quite the opposite :) I mostly use markers, while the watercolors are usually used for the background. The exception is when I color my dark surreal girls. For digital media I use a huion tablet and a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 but these are very recent tools. Before I used Wacom Intuos Pro. I usually listen to my playlists that consist of music I consider inspiring, such as movie and game soundtracks, fantasy or epic music. When I draw a concept, I tend to listen to a song that I feel matches this theme on loop until I finish a picture. The same happens when I draw fanarts, I put a reated song on the background to get more into the character. If it is not music then I love putting horror movies on the background as I work :)  
TMS: Can you tell us about any projects that you are currently working on? 
LC: Currently I was promoting the Undertale charity artbook that I participated for Gamers for Good. I am also planning my own artbook, and a store where I could sell prints of my works. I am hoping to develop my Surreal Girls a bit more, as well as the Eye Tales and other series I have in mind :)
TMS: What are some of your favorite movies, comics, television shows, and other current artists?  
LC: I like the Lord of the Rings the most! As for the TV shows, I enjoy the Walking Dead and South Park. I wish I had time to read comic books : D and I have many artists that are inspiring, it would be hard to name them all.
TMS: Do you have any pets?  
LC: I used to have a dog, his name was Jerry. These days I don't have any pet but I want to get a pug : D
TMS: Who is your favorite comic book character, superhero, or movie character and why?

My favorite character is Gohan from "Dragon Ball". I have loved him as a character for years because he has that kind heart and softness but when it is needed he knows how to find courage and strength to fight for what he thinks is worth fighting for. He taught me already in childhood that we must never give up. I also love Chii from "Chobits" who is a computer because I am really into technology and such topics as the matter of humanity, what makes us human and how much machines may influence our lives in the future interest me.
TMS: What is the last song that you listened to?
LC: Snow Patrol - How to be dead