Images: 21 Brand New Collectibles That You Can Own If You Have Some Serious Cash Available

Are you a die hard collector and have a large sum of money available to burn?

If so, these 21 collectible items are brand new and ready to be purchased. These aren't old comics or toys that increased in value over the years, these are new items that have been specifically made for those rich collectors out there. Some may be within your reach price wise, but most are likely to be near your nearly gross income. Check them all out below.
Batman 1966 Pinball $15,000
 Stern Pinball offers up various TV and movie themed pinball machines, with this being one of the most expensive choices.
Life-Sized Boba Fett Statue $8,500
 Sideshow Toys has this statue available along with other life-size Star Wars Characters available. They also have a monthly payment plan, so if you have an extra $800 free each month it could be standing in your home after ten months. 
Death Star Fire Pit $1,300
 This is available on Etsy and are being built by an 85-year-old Korean War veteran that is using a portion of the proceeds for his grandchildren's college.
Giant Plush Dragon $16,000
 Poshtots has this 8 foot high mammoth available for any parent that is looking for some extra points from their child.
Recycled Metal Hulk $18,000
 You can purchase this ten foot tall metal hulk sculpture from Etsy. They are made to order and consist of recycled metal and auto parts.
Adult Sized Hobbit Hole $4,000
 This kit is available on Etsy and will let you build your own Bilbo Baggins' hobbit house. It could be a children's playhouse or an interesting structure for a die hard fan. It is 12 feet long and 7 inches tall.
The Batmobile $250,000
 Yes you can own your own functioning batmobile. They are built by Fiberglass Freaks and they are limited to producing only eight of these each year.
Iron Man Mark 43 Costume $4,700
 This is your chance to become Tony Stark, with this customized wearable costume. They are met to your exact specifications and there are additional items that can be purchased to further impress your friends, including a motorized faceplate, rocket launchers, wingflaps, lights and sound effects, and a propulsion simulator.
Jurassic Park Arcade Motion Deluxe $22,800
 This game is made by Prime Time Amusements and includes motion-equipped seats and a 55 inch screen.
Admiral Kirk Jacket From Star Trek II $2,100
 This reproduction prop costume is made by Anovos and you can also purchase the rank pin, service bars, turtleneck, and pants in order to complete the outfit.
Jon Snow's Longsword "Ice" And Scabbard $620
 This prop replica can be purchased from Replica Dungeon and is one of the more modestly priced items on this list.
Middle-Earth Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray $560
 Available on Amazon, this 30 disc collection includes all of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, loads of extras and interviews, a concept art book, and two watercolor art reproductions.
Nike Mag Auto-Lacing $56,000+
 89 pairs of these were created by Nike to celebrate the 2015 future that existed in Back to the Future II. Almost all of them were given away by Michael J. Fox's Parkinson foundation, with one last pair being auctioned off in New York on November 12.
Ghostbusters Life-sized Slimer $1,200
 This prop replica is available from Movie Replicas Direct.
X-Wing Bed $18,000
 Available from Poshtots, they also have a Tie Fighter, Mark VII Viper, and Veritech Valkyrie.
Soviet-Era T-72 Tank $50,000
 Available from Mortar Investments is your very own Soviet Union tank. Simply filling out the proper government forms will get this wonderful toy into the U.S. and on your property.
Trivial Pursuit With Sterling Silver Pieces $10,830
 Not available for delivery in Canada or the U.S., this version of Trivial Pursuit boasts a calfskin leather game board embossed with silver and gold and six sterling silver game pieces.
Warhammer 40,000 Warlord Titan $1,530
 This two foot tall model from Forgeworld is proportioned to be playable with the current 28mm Warhammer figures.
Livind Dead Zombie Stalkaround $2,025

This 8 foot tall wearable zombie costume is available at HalloweenTownStore.
Dalek Replica $5,600
 This officially licensed Dr. Who prop replica is available from Iconic Studio Creations.
Darth Vader Yoroi Samurai Armor Display Set $5,750

Available from Japan Trend Shop, this is a handcrafted armor display that is around three feet tall. These type of displays are usually part of Children's Day in Japan that takes place in May each year.